E-N Computers Hires Full-Time Website Developer and Designer

E-N Computers Hires Full-Time Website Developer and Designer

E-N Computers Hires Full-Time Website Developer and DesignerE-N Computers is pleased to announce that they have hired a new website developer and designer to their information technology services team. E-N has been searching for a quality website developer and designer to not only serve in improving their own website and internet marketing, but to also now provide complete professional website development and design services to all of their current and future customers.

Website Developer and Designer Experience

The new developer, Andrew Guertler, has been working in the field of website development and design for seven years. Andrew started out developing websites as a volunteer service for the Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad while he served as a Paramedic. Through his time serving in this capacity, he developed a love for both the artistic elements of the trade but also for the unique intellectual challenges that web development entails. After his time with the rescue squad, he elected to start his own business. Andrew named his business Staunton-Media Works and provide web design and development, graphic design, and video-graphic services to the local community.

Educational Background

Andrew graduated Summa Cumme Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology and also graduated Summa Cumme Laude from Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) with a degree in Paramedicine and Prehospital Emergency Medicine with plans to become an emergency physician. Andrew’s passion for the medical field started to fade but his passion for creativity and intellectually challenging subjects drove him deeper into the field of web development. He deepened his education in HTML and CSS and dove into programming languages such as JQuery (javascript) and PHP. Andrew began learning the in’s and outs of the popular content managements systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla just before starting his business.


Andrew Guertler is, for the most part, a local. His father was a military physician while Andrew was young which meant he moved a lot.  Andrew was born in Washington State. However, ever since the third grade Andrew has lived in the Charlottesville-Staunton area and graduated from Western-Albemarle High School in 2004. Andrew is one of three kids. He has an older sister Nicole and a younger sister named Briana.


Andrew Guertler has had many achievements in his life. Some of his greatest achievements are saving many lives during his time as a paramedic. He has recieved many academic honors such as graduating from two separate institutions with Summe Cumme Laude. While in high school, Andrew served in the Air-Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol) and achieved two of their highest awards; the Billy Mitchell Award and the Amelia Earhart Award. Andrew is still a proud member of the Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad and serves as a support member maintaining their website.


Aside from web development and design, Andrew loves to play the guitar and sing. He writes music and also serves in his church’s worship band as backup worship leader and backup guitarist. He enjoys any type of outdoor activities that involve his family (His wife Sara and his dog Achilles). Andrew also enjoys spending time with the Youth at his church, Blue Ridge Church of Christ.

Most Challenging Accomplishment

Andrew states:

“I have had many challenges in my life, especially when working as a paramedic and trying to get into medical school at the same time. However I think my most challenging accomplishment has been following Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The Christian life is a hard life, I have had to face my own shortcomings on a daily basis while struggling to put others first; this is not easy, but it is the most rewarding lifestyle. I have never known a love greater than that of Jesus Christ.”

What do You Like About Working for EN Computers?

When asked what his favorite part about working at E-N Computers is, he states:

“I love the fact that I have the freedom to take my skills and bring them to a team of experts who all have the same goal. The environment at E-N Computers is one of creative collaboration and self motivation. We all love what we do and we love to provide our customers with solutions that they would never have expected.!”

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