Computer Security Threat: Take Action and Upgrade XP!

Computer Security Threat: Take Action and Upgrade XP!


In 2003 Microsoft developed what is presumably one of the most satisfying products they ever created. Windows XP and server 2003 have been some of the longest lasting Microsoft products for a long time. Many companies have opted to stick with XP and server 2003 for the last 10 years because of the stability and dependability. Many organizations have also observed the recent  track record of Microsoft with Vista and Windows 8. As we all know for many the idea of changing products is not well liked.

Computer Security Threat

So maybe your thinking if it’s not broke why fix it. Obviously this is a valid consideration. However when it relates to Windows xp and server 2003 we want to help you understand that it becomes a computer security threat. In April of 2014 Microsoft will no longer provide support for these products. This means that they will no longer provide updates or patches that will ensure your computer or network are secure.  Any computer or server on a network that is not up to date could be a potential security issue. This computer security threat is especially important to consider in companies that store social security numbers for payroll or companies to take credit card transactions. In these cases not implementing best practice could put you out of business. Having a security breach could result in lawsuits. Even worse you could lose the integrity and trust of your company.


Our goal at E-N Computers is to ensure that any computer security threats are minimized. Realizing that many organizations in the area could be on the brink of disaster we are offering a 10% discount on setup and implementation of new computer systems when you agree to modernize your office before December 31, 2013. To simplify the process we have selected 3 systems to meet the needs of most network environments. All three of these solutions will come standard with a key board & mouse, three year warranty, windows 7 professional, a minimum of 4 GB memory & 500 GB hard drive. Additionally they can be purchased with a monitor and office 2013.

Three Options

  • Essential - Experience enhanced productivity, stable life cycles and simple IT control.
  • Advance - Perfect for advanced productivity, desktop virtualization and enhanced IT control.
  • Premium - Get the ultimate in maximum productivity, advanced performance, reliable control and desktop virtualization.

Next step

At E-N Computers we believe that when best practices are implemented your company or organization will be more productive, profitable and successful but more than that you can rest easy because another computer security threat has minimized.  The next step is to get a quick quote by clicking below.

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