E-N Computers Welcomes Liz Twilley: Media Specialist

E-N Computers Welcomes Liz Twilley: Media Specialist

About Our Newest Member: Liz Twilley, our Media Specialist Intern

E-N Computers is excited to announce that a new member, Liz Twilley, has been added to the team. Liz Twilley joined the team last week and has taken on the role of "Media Specialist Intern." Liz's role will consist of video production and editing, web design, graphic design, and social media marketing. Liz will first be working internally to produce marketing mediums for the company and will then be working with current E-N clients and prospective customers in producing marketing mediums such as videos, logos, web sites, and more.

Liz Twilley is a recent graduate of Virginia's James Madison University (JMU). She majored in Media Arts and Design. Liz has produced various video projects, graphic design projects, and websites as a part of her education and will be using these skills to help E-N Computers continue to provide unexpected solutions to it's customers. Liz is passionate about media based arts and enjoys taking an idea and bringing it to life in her projects through her various skill-sets.

Liz states "I look forward to an exciting career with E-N Computers, I can't wait to have the opportunity to help their customers in improving their marketing and community presence using the power of the media arts." Liz will be serving as an intern initially, after her internship project is completed she will be working with E-N Computers full time.

Take Advantage of Liz Twilley's Expertise!

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[av_one_half]Are you interested in providing your business or organization with a professional marketing presence? Make sure to contact E-N Computers today to start taking advantage of Liz Twilley's skills.[av_icon_box icon='ue805' font='entypo-fontello' position='left' title='Contact Liz Twilley' link='manually,mailto:ltwilley@encomputers.com' linktarget='' custom_class='']