Preventative IT Outsourcing

Preventative IT Outsourcing

Preventative as Opposed to Reactive IT Outsourcing

When searching for an IT outsourcing company, many organizations and businesses find themselves with an outfit that only reacts to issues that arise with their IT infrastructure. Quality IT outsourcing should demonstrate a service that helps it's customers set up their existing infrastructure to not only be effective in managing IT emergencies, but to prevent them from even arising in the first place. An established IT outsourcing company(E-N Computers) that serves the Virginia and Washington DC area has developed an outsourced IT support system that does just that!

Prevention:  (when it comes to IT outsourcing)

So how does E-N Computers set up their outsourcing services to be preventative? "Good quality IT disaster prevention starts with experience" says E-N Computers' Andrew Guertler. E-N Computers only staffs highly certified and experienced technicians. Knowing the ins and outs of individual companies IT systems can be very difficult since no set-up is exactly the same. This is why E-N values only hiring the most experienced technicians with backgrounds in many IT industries. "When we outsource IT services, our clients expect services that are at least equal to or superior to an "in-house IT department." Therefore we need to make sure we have the background and experience to back this up" Andrew states. E-N computers therefore takes the first step in prevention by capitalizing on staff experience as key.

Preventative IT Outsourcing = Saving Money

Everyone wants to save money right? Then why doesn't everyone outsource their IT services? The reason many IT outsourcing "solutions" get a bad wrap is due to their nature as being reactive rather than preventative. Most IT outsourcing firms boast immediate support, which is generally very truthful; however it does not mean their services end up saving their clients money. Andrew continues by saying, "Although many companies do offer fast response times it generally is only off site support that may put a hypothetical "band-aid" on a particular issue, but it certainly does not set up the client for success. " These companies often charge hidden fees and are not held responsible for the core issues that may be at the root of their IT problems. "Here at E-N Computers, we take the extra steps necessary in making sure our clients IT setup has the necessary software updates, monitoring, security, and resources at hand to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. When we form an agreement with a client, we agree to being the responsible party when it comes to your IT infrastructure... This is what really ends up saving our clients money..." Andrew continues.

 Communication Leads to Better Prevention

E-N computers model also includes an important element that is frequently missing in many outsourced IT companies services; which is communication. "Lets face it," Andrew states, " the typical 'IT Guy' isn't the most 'personable' individual. They can be technical and over-rational in many of their approaches, which is what frequently makes them good at their technical job." Andrew continues to state, "However we implement a system that increases our communication with our clients by assigning an account manager who's sole responsibility is to keep communication open with our clients and assuring that processes are running smoothly. They even meet with our clients on a quarterly basis in person. It is a part of our contract with our clients." By opening up communication, E-N computers enhances the interaction the company has with the E-N staff and allowing interpersonal relationships form which aid in the care and quality of IT services.


As evidenced by their success and rapid growth as a respected IT outsourcing firm, E-N Computers provides an IT service experience that envelopes the level of quality and service that any company looking to outsource to should have. "E-N Computers is a great place to work... I am proud to be a part of a team that provides the level of service it does, I love working here and have every bit of confidence in our level of service. We love it when we hear success stories from our clients and it only further solidifies my enjoyment in what I do here at E-N" Andrew concludes. Do you want to learn more about what E-N can do for your organization or business? Then be sure to follow this link and contact them today!