Three Ways Your Business Can Save Thousands Using Technology

Three Ways Your Business Can Save Thousands Using Technology

Save Thousands With Technology

How can your business save thousands with technology? To put it shortly, by staying on top of your IT solutions. You may believe that some of the technology in your business is costing you more than it’s worth, you may be right. Technology changes rapidly. What was cost effective ten years ago may not be today. On the other hand, options that cost a lot ten years ago may be very affordable today. Our team of experts is always searching for ways to help our customers save on their bottom line. Here are some opportunities to save:

Go Paperless

Putting systems into place that allow you to print less can save thousands of dollars. Not only does this save you money, but it’s also environmentally friendly (and who doesn't want to "go green" today?).
So, how can E-N Computers help implement these IT solutions? Integration is the key. Integrating your systems and applications so they can talk to each other. Especially by networking your facilities together if you have multiple locations! Other savings can be as simple as electronic faxing services and alternative credit card processing.

Modernize your Phone System

Modern VoIP phone solutions can save thousands as well. E-N Computers has helped many businesses cut their monthly phone and internet bill in half by switching to our VoIP phone services. Not only can you potentially save money, but you will get all the features of a fortune 500 company. Some of the features include, but are not limited to:

  • Auto Attendant Answering
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Voicemail to Text Message
  • Office Intercom
  • 3-way Conference Call
  • Unlimited Long distance calling
  • E911 support, compliant with all FCC mandates.

For a complete list of more than 50 features please contact us. Generally, we have found that customers who are spending $400 or more can experience significant savings.

Social Media and Internet Marketing

As business owners, we all know that marketing is very important, and it can be very expensive. Our goal is to help you be more successful by implementing a cost effective solution with a verifiable record of results. One of the ways that we can help you do this, is with the use of social media technology. Our team of experts can help you integrate all of the major social marketing tools in your website, allowing you to easily communicate with and administrate all of your markets. Additionally, we can help you set up internet marketing campaigns that you can track for effectiveness, allowing you to control marketing costs... and reach customers where they are looking (and thats on the web!).