Why IT Outsourcing is Better than In-House IT

Why IT Outsourcing is Better than In-House IT

What is IT outsourcing anyways? Recently, the concept of IT outsourcing has been used to define any IT service that serves its clients off site as opposed to "in-house." One should be careful however when throwing the term "IT Outsourcing" around. As IT outsourcing professionals, we at E-N Computers have come to loathe these words. Why? Simply because the imagery that comes along with it (mainly due to companies who do not provide the quality IT support and service that E-N holds itself to.) Far too often, organizations and businesses make the wrong choice in who they outsource their IT services to. Many companies claim to be able to handle IT emergencies primarily from a off site location... say India for example. E-N Computers wants to set the record straight! When you choose an IT outsourcing company, choose a local company, like us, who is pro-active rather than re-active. E-N Computers is a local company that takes the time to make a personal relationship with our clients and set up their systems in person, while we do provide 24/7 off site support, this is just not enough to ensure a clients success. So lets dig in to the topic at hand! Why should you outsource your IT needs to us?

Technology Changes, and FAST!

Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the world to their first computer. Since that time, the industry of Information Technology (IT) has changed significantly. Businesses who have implemented the right technologies at the right time have been able to reap the benefits that the technology age has brought. With technology being such a big part of our lives today, small and large businesses often wonder how they can effectively leverage the opportunities that are available. Some organizations have attempted to reap these benefits by having used in-house IT support. However the current posture of the IT industry is making that less attractive, and more costly. The following information explains why it may be time to join the crowd and move to IT outsourcing services.

IT Outsourcing = More Advanced Technologies

Depending on the IT company you outsource to, you will likely receive much more "bang for your buck." IT Outsourcing firms have the partnerships and capacity to manage and recycle your systems more effectively and affordably. Keeping your systems up to date with your software, and your software up to speed with your service is just too difficult for one individual to handle, especially if they do not keep up to speed on your industry's' technology assets that are available. The resources outsourced IT companies have at hand are geared specifically to assure modern, secure, and rapid service to make sure their clients are issue free.

You Will Get Better Integration

Not only is there more advanced  technology at hand with IT outsourcing, but there is more integration; whether it's phone systems, computers, credit card processing, x-ray, web integration, security systems, etc... The important thing is that you plan for growth. Many IT providers don’t think long term. If you’re only concerned about the present you will invariably implement the wrong solution. IT engineers at a firm such as E-N Computers will work hard to ensure that your network infrastructure is able to handle everything you need to successfully integrate all of your important resources.

You Get Increased Security Management

The concern for systems security has never been greater. It stands to reason that if you have more technology and you’re integrating more devices on your network the risks will be higher. This is especially true if you are implementing these solutions over multiple sites. IT outsourcing companies, such as E-N Computers are always on top of the latest security threats and the solutions to deal with those threats proactively. 24/7 system monitoring and back-up services are all great benefits of having an outsourced IT firm handle these threats.



We all utilize more and more technology then we ever have. What most managers and business owners quickly discover is that they need much more than one "IT guy," they also need an IT consultant. In other words, they need a professional who understands how to help a business successfully and cost effectively manage their IT infrastructure. When you hire a firm like E-N Computers to manage your IT infrastructure, you get much more than just the typical "IT guy;" you get a free consultant that will help you put into place a reliable solution that will ensure the profitability and productivity of you and your team.