Business Continuity Plan

So, you own a business. You need to have a business continuity plan in place.

The weather prognosticators are calling for the storm of the century. They are calling for snow, ice, rain, locusts, toads, cats and dogs, and generally just any type of precipitation they can imagine in a diabolical scheme to increase bread, milk, and toilet paper sales. Temperatures are falling. The first of the snow and ice is starting and we are stuck at home, watching. Roads are impassable. Ice is hanging off  power lines, threatening to destroy our way of life. Your employees are sipping hot chocolate and planning that sleigh ride tomorrow since they will not have to go to work.

What will we do if the power goes out. No TV! No Internet! No Netflix! No business continuity plan! Oh No, the inhumanity. We may have to read a book, as ghastly as that seems. Weather and other emergencies can have an impact on our personal lives, but what about our business life?

How can you ensure the continuity of your business and communicate to your customers and employees what is happening if the worst does happen?

We here at E-N Computers would like to offer some tips on having an effective business continuity plan in place. With a business continuity plan, your business can overcome emergencies and help you and your staff work from home (your staff might not like this part).

Essential Business Continuity Plan Tools

  1. Website - Keep your employees, customers and stakeholders informed by keeping your website up to date (E-N Computers offers Website Design services, too).
  • Websites today will allow you to post updates directly from your Smart Phone,  allowing you to deal with the emergency from the onset.
  • With today's modern websites, gone is the need for a website designer to update your page. Through the use of templates, you are able to update content directly from anywhere, even your Smart Phone or Tablet.
  • You can even speak into your phone using the speech to text conversion and it will write the post for you.
  1. Client Phone System – A modern phone system allows you to administer your calls from anywhere,  over the internet. In times of emergency, you can set up your phone system to automatically re-route calls to the people in your organization that need to be contacted. A common way of doing this is to record a generic greeting;
“We are closed due to inclement weather. If this is not an emergency, please leave a message at the tone. In case of emergency, press 2 to reach the person on call.”

There are distinct advantages for Administrators of modern phone systems:

  • Allows for real time analysis of customer calls and the end result (hang ups, messages,) See call volume in real time, even if not in the office.
  • Retrieve Voice Mails - -select Voice Mail in boxes out of the office, can even be another      team members.
  • New technology VoiP can often be cheaper than what you currently have.

How can I protect my business in the event that an emergency situation is happening? How can I keep up with what I need to do and make sure my customers or clients are getting the service they expect? Can you say Business Continuity plan? Can I get an Amen?

Business Continuity Plan

  1. Internet “Cloud” Accessible Data  – Many individual have limited access to their network’s data from home, but what if you could access everything from your entire desktop, even printers, from any device. We build these systems either as private cloud or on "public" platforms, such as Google Docs, for our clients. For critical applications we can insure that they are completely redundant across multiple geographic data-centers and connected to multiple Internet service providers. For less sensitive application we can upgrade you’re in office technology to host your private cloud. Either way you’ll never be stuck wondering “Where am I with this account?” when you have a customer on the phone, working on the go. The best part is with everyone looking for a little more flexibility with how to work on the go, you don’t have to  wait for a weather emergency for this technology to prove its value.

The storm has passed.  If your business continuity plan was in place, your customers were informed, your staff was busy at work (instead of breaking bones on an ill advised sleigh ride down a steep hill), and you are ready for the next thing Mother Nature and those pesky meteorologists throw at you. Take the time, effort, and energy to prepare your business continuity plan and you can be doing triple axles on all that slick ice.

E-N Computers can help you overcome those emergency situations and help you to create business continuity plan for weather related or any emergency situations. We offer a full range of IT services for business owners to keep their business in business.