Renewals: Renew It or Lose It. Renew Now!

Renewals: Renew It or Lose It. Renew Now!

Renewals Armageddon

Renewals are an important and necessary part of ensuring your business runs smoothly. Let's say for example that you and your staff are in the middle of a big project. Since it is everyone's favorite time of year, tax season, we will say you are an accounting firm. It's April 14. Your staff is crunching numbers, working out figures, and all the other last minute things that the I.R.S. makes you do. From out of nowhere your server stops responding and the figures you have spent countless hours compiling are lost. It's OK, though, because you extended the warranty for the server and you will have the parts or service you need to get up and running again in no time. What's that? You forgot about the renewal! All the previous work that was done is lost, your clients are angry, their returns are delayed, causing them to pay penalties. There goes the firm you built from the ground up, your customers, and soon, you'll be living in a van by the river.

Of course this is a worst case scenario, but is does illustrate the importance of renewals for warranties of hardware and licenses. All of us get frustrated when equipment doesn't work (I've been known to kick my lawnmower once or twice when it doesn't start). It is especially frustrating when the equipment you rely on to keep your business running smoothly goes on the fritz.

What Renewals Do I Need to Stay Protected?

For the purpose of this discussion we will focus on two main groups: hardware renewals and licensing renewals. There are other renewals to keep up with like domain names and spam filters but the majority of issues will involve hardware or software.

  1. Hardware Renewals - These renewals cover equipment like computers, servers, and switches. In a nutshell, hardware renewals provide the end user with repair or replacement of parts/new equipment. They are generally available as one to three year extensions but do have an end of life date, where no support will be available. Although all business equipment is crucial to running your company, the two most important pieces to maintain warranty renewals for are the server and switches, as they are the center of your information technology.
  2. License/Software Renewals - These renewals usually provide protection to your business. They could be in the form of antivirus, backup, or router protection. Again, they can generally be renewed from on to three years and extends the protection to your business until the expiration date. In cases of the router (the main source of networking everything together) and depending on the make and model, there are several options available and include one to three year renewals and several levels of support (ie: 8 hours a day x 5 days next business day response, 24 hours a day x 7 days and a 4 hour response time).

With E-N computers as your IT experts we take the guesswork out of these issues by placing records of expiration dates, serial numbers, contract numbers, and other pertinent information into our protected files. When the time comes for renewal, we will send you a quote to be approved, place the order, and update your configurations in our records. Your company stays up and running. No hassles. No missed renewals. No angry customers.

No living in a van by the river.