IT Safety and the Internet of Things? IoT

IT Safety and the Internet of Things? IoT

There are a billion-plus smart devices connected worldwide. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way business operates. Machines can communicate with each other.  Imagine! Through the ioT, machines now share information! The ability to connect, communicate with and remotely manage a network of automated devices is creating business opportunities we haven’t seen before – from the factory floor, to the hospital operating room – even in your home. You can gather important information about the status and condition of each device.  That information can give your business usable data. Data that can help make your business more responsive, safer and more profitable.

That’s the good news! The bad news is that data is never completely secure.

Managing risk should be a top priority for every organization.  Every year, thousands of companies suffer a data breach. What can you do to keep your data safe?

Unfortunately, there is not a single solution to prevent cyber attacks. Fortunately, tried and true IT security tools can be effective as long as we can adapt them to the unique limits of these devices. At E-N Computers we take a multi–layered approach to security. We look at:

  • Secure booting – making sure that only the software that has been authorized to run on that device will be loaded
  • Access Control – mandatory or role-based access controls built into the operating system limit privileges so that only the resources needed to complete a function are accessed
  • Device Authentication – when a device is plugged into a network, it must authenticate itself prior to receiving or transmitting data
  • Firewalls and IPS
  • Updates and patches

Security at all levels is critical – both for the device and the network. The same intelligence that allows devices to perform their tasks must also enable them to recognize and counteract threats. Fortunately following a process designed for safety.  This means incorporating measures that have already been proven successful in managing IT networks.

You need to make sure that your IT staff not only has good people, but you also need to make sure your staff has the time and support to have “good process”. If you want to know more about how E-N Computers can support your IT staff, especially when it comes to process, just give us a call, we’d be happy to help.