Data Security and How it Drives Business

Data Security and How it Drives Business

Major data breaches seem to hit the news everyday. The stakes for companies are high. Recent research by Cisco showed that 29% of breached organizations lost revenue. Breaches can impact companies of all types, from large corporations to small hospitals. On the black market, health care records reportedly sell for $50 apiece. Social Security numbers only sell for $1.

The Federal Government says “endpoints” are one of the largest areas of vulnerability for the US. Endpoints are notebooks, desktop computers, mobile devices, servers – basically anything connected to the IT system. That can include medical devices and military sensors. In fact, “Endpoint Epidemic,” a recent study from MeriTalk, found that 44 percent of federal government endpoints are unprotected or even unknown. Even more alarming is the lack of qualified experts. The ISACA, a non-profit information security advocacy group, predicts a global shortage of two million cybersecurity professionals by 2019. Every year in the U.S., 40,000 jobs for information security analysts remain open. Employers are struggling to fill 200,000 other cybersecurity related roles, according to cybersecurity data tool CyberSeek. For every 10 cybersecurity job ads that appear on careers site Indeed, only seven people even click on one of the ads, let alone apply.

Financial firms and the Federal Government have begun to recognize how vulnerable data is.  They devote 11 -12% of their IT budgets to cybersecurity, but the healthcare industry typically spends about half of that. Medical records have so much data– date of birth, address, social security numbers, next of kin and more – they are ideal for one stop stealing. Similar to manufacturers and the Internet of Things, this is no mandate for medical device manufacturers to include cybersecurity features in their devices.

So what does this mean for businesses --

The answer isn’t just putting security products into your network. Organizations need to understand cybersecurity in terms of risk. Risk assessment is something that E-N Computers offers all of our clients. Without an understanding of your risk, as it applies to your business, you will have a tougher time understanding the tools you need to protect your data --- guarding your bottom line.