March Madness Hacker Scam

March Madness Hacker Scam

The latest hacker scam is March Madness!  It seems that hackers like to capitalize on current popular events. Recently, it was the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day – well, now it’s March Madness!

So, hackers are now spoofing popular March Madness websites, and that includes bracket sites and live game streaming.

Last season, traffic activity from users who streamed games and checked brackets for updates increased by 100% during the first round of the NCAA tournament. This season, monitoring sites are observing an increase in activity. There are more phishing pages, adware downloads, and attempted domain squatting. If you don’t take proactive measures, you could find this on your corporate networks.

Therefore, there are things you can do to thwart hacker attempts….

First of all, make sure that employee email filters are getting updated consistently and as often as possible. KnowB4, a partner we work with to help protect companies from hacker scams like this, recommends sending this email to family, friends, and business associates:

Heads-up! The hacker scams are at it again, this time with March Madness. They are sending phishing emails, and try to lure you to scam sites that are copies of legit sites that cover brackets and stream games. That way they steal your username and password, which they can use to hack into our network and perhaps other sites where (we hope not!) you have used the same password.

So, only use NCAA-sanctioned, official sites and apps and don't make this March Sadness!

Finally, at E-N Computers, our goal is to be proactive. Whether it’s keeping you up to date on the latest hacker scam, moving your network to the cloud, or IT best practices. We will be introducing a Tech Corner section of our website for those who are looking for a more in depth discussion of relevant tech topics. For example, “How to Select a Password Policy.” You can stay up to date on these topics and more – just sign up for our newsletter and tech tips.