Choosing a PROACTIVE IT Support Partner

Choosing a PROACTIVE IT Support Partner

If you are a small to medium size business, you probably have a small to smaller IT support budget.   Building an IT infrastructure can be daunting so a lot of businesses choose to work with a Managed IT Services (MSP) partner. Lot’s of MSP’s say they do the same thing – IT support - but how do you choose the best partner?

Here are 3 things that a proactive IT support partner will provide:


A good IT support partner will always provide benchmark standards. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to let you know how your network is performing should be standard practice.

At EN Computers we schedule regular Quarterly Business Reviews with our clients ro review the successes and issues, what were the remedies, and how did the IT solutions perform? More specifically, insights reveal the status of hardware and software, identification of critical issues immediately addressed, and an action plan to address any further issues.

Without these important data points, it’s hard to have concrete knowledge of the actual support your business is receiving.


Business agility is something we have been discussing a lot lately --- of course an MSP should have a proven process, but sometimes proactive IT support requires flexibility. There are always new challenges and often the same one-size-fits-all or out- of-the –box solutions don’t work.

IT firms also need to be agile. Often industry regulated changes come up with little or no warning. Your IT support team has to be able to implement new processes to handle these changes. They must be able to it in a timely manner.


A strategic IT Support provider will always present detailed plans for system improvements and upgrades.

Along with a timeline, an estimated cost, the number of hours needed and a prioritized list of tasks should be included for new projects. Once a project has been approved, regular progress reports keep things on track.

Unlike many IT service providers, business technology consulting is a primary element of our Managed IT Support Plans. Why? Because we take your success personally. Proactive Strategy, planning, and implementation are key factors in the success of technology dependent businesses.  If you are looking for Proactive IT support, we can help.