Security: Internal IT vs Managed Security Services

Security: Internal IT vs Managed Security Services

Often, the biggest hurdle for an organization wishing to engage managed security services -- is the internal IT organization.  Sometimes IT professionals feel that it a weakness to need external help. When it comes to security, this can be a big problem for business. First of all,  there is mounting pressure to stay ahead of a secure IT environment. Second, the requirements to create a secure network are increasing.

A new global survey of 1,600 full-time IT professionals who are security decision-makers or security influencers within their organization, finds the rise in sophisticated malware, lack of talent, and budget constraints are putting pressure on IT within organizations. The survey,  conducted by Trustwave, a provider of managed security services, finds that more than half of respondents (54%) experienced an increase of cybersecurity pressures in 2017.  Sources of stress can be attributed to attacks that are both increasing in volume as well as in sophistication.

The 3 areas that an IT organization must cover are:

  • Preventing malware infestation

  • Identifying vulnerablites

  • Phishing attacks

Also the sources of internal stress are changing. In the past, the most pressure came from C-level executives or business owners. Now the stress is coming from direct managers. This suggests that cybersecurity accountability is being created at deeper levels within organizations.

Do you need Outside Help?

While one third of respondents say they already partner with a managed security services provider (MSSP). Another 45% say they would like to in the future. Therefore, it appears that more IT professionals are recognizing that they need help.

The top three reasons for partnering with an MSSP include:

  • compensating for in-house skill shortages

  • adopting, deploying, and operating hard-to-use security technologies

  • assisting with security automation

In summary, an MSP can compliment an internal department. As a result, it allows the existing IT staff to focus on more strategic projects. In the past, security was a reason not to engage an MSP. Now it has become a reason a business SHOULD turn to an MSP.

In conclusion, Network Security is one of the pillars of EN Computers managed IT service plans. We combine System Administration with Help Desk Support, a security tools bundle, and 24x7 Network Monitoring. Even as a standalone offering, our System Administration service can augment your internal IT resources as a dedicated security resource.