Business Continuity: Data Backup and Recovery

Business Continuity: Data Backup and Recovery

With all the storms and power outages that we have been experiencing, it’s never too soon to review your business’ data backup and recovery process. Not only does an increasingly mobile workforce require data backup in the cloud, but a substantial amount of critical data is on desktops.

You want a backup solution that excels in 4 areas:

  • Security – encryption of data for transmission
  • Centralized Management Console – a central dashboard to manage backup, apply policies, and report status
  • Performance – throttle the bandwidth of backups to prevent failures or slowdowns
  • Compliance – must meet HIPAA regulations

We have compiled some tips that every business owner should think about to make sure that data backup and recovery is available.

  • Actively verify backups

First of all, make sure that all data is intact and all files can be read

  • Check the restoration of the data

Also make sure that the restoration and disaster recovery tools you use are up to date and able to keep your systems up and running --testing is the key to any recovery plan

  • Think beyond the cloud

Therefore an extra onsite backup is efficient and timely

  • Keep local backups safe

Make sure your local backups are unplugged from power sources, and away from any flooding

  • Test your data backup and recovery plans

While it’s important to test the integrity of the backups, it equally important to actively test the recovery of your data, including a full systems disaster recovery. A proper recovery plan will include prioritizing applications and systems that are critical to your business.   Also remember the golden rule of data protection: 3 total copies of your data. Two copies kept locally on different mediums and one backup kept offsite.

In summary, at E-N Computers we go beyond data backup and disaster recovery. We believe in proactive support to identify and resolve issues before they become problems. Proactive Network administration is a cornerstone to true IT Peace of Mind. To learn more – give us a call!