Severe Weather Threat and Your IT Services

Severe Weather Threat and Your IT Services

With the threat of severe weather heading toward the East Coast, E-N Computers wants our clients to know we're here for them. Here's some tips to help prevent equipment damage and prepare for possible power and Internet outages.

  • Secure computers and battery backups above flood height, power them off and unplug from the wall outlet to protect from power surges.
  • If you are in the direct path of the hurricane, take extra care to secure windows with plywood near IT systems that you can’t relocate, such as servers, networking devices and large printers.
  • When services are restored, please be sure to reboot your Internet modem if you are unable to connect to the Internet.

For clients subscribing to phone service through E-N Computers:

You can manage your phone account via the web from

From here, you can change business hours, update greetings, and even forward phones to an external number such as a cell phone to keep communications open with your customers.

We will make every effort to maintain normal service hours, however should an outage occur forcing a change, we will notify clients via our voice recording.  Our emergency on-call technician will be available for remote troubleshooting assistance and any onsite dispatch will be coordinated based on travel conditions.

Please stay safe and contact us with any questions or concerns at 540-885-3129, (toll free 866-692-9082) or email