Is Office 365 Right for Your Company?

Is Office 365 Right for Your Company?

Many businesses are looking to the cloud to provide services that traditionally required a great deal of time, expense, and expertise to maintain in-house. Microsoft’s Office 365 offering may be able to help your business save time and money while still providing you with the industry-standard mail, organization, and productivity experience that you’ve come to expect.

But, like all cloud solutions, many factors exist in consideration of  deciding whether Office 365 is right for your company.

What Are Your Needs?

Office 365 can include a wide range of cloud services and features, depending on which tier you choose. Various plans include cloud-based Exchange email hosting, SharePoint document hosting, and Skype for Business IM, and video conferencing systems. More expensive tiers also include licensing for full Microsoft Office desktop applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, among others.

Most importantly, using the cloud-based hosting services included in Office 365 will give your users the flexibility to work anywhere -- from home, at remote locations, and in the office -- without needing a complicated VPN setup. This reason alone is enough for many businesses to choose Office 365 over a more traditional environment.

What Is Your Current Environment?

Many businesses already host their own Active Directory and Exchange systems. Migrating from on-premises to Office 365 can be done fairly painlessly, though it’s good to develop a comprehensive migration plan in order to give your users a good experience. The next few articles in this series will help you to do just that.

If you’re not yet using Exchange or SharePoint, Office 365 can be a great way to start using these tools to help your business without the upfront investment of hardware and licensing. And, with the right tools, other email and document management systems can be migrated into Office 365 with minimal hassle.

What Are Your Future Plans?

Office 365 is a great way to give your business the flexibility it needs to grow in the future. Adding additional users is as simple as clicking a few buttons in the management console. However, each new user will incur an additional monthly cost, so it’s a good idea to have a sense for how much growth your company will need in order to plan your budget.

Choosing to move to a cloud service like Office 365 can have many advantages for your company. If you’d like help deciding whether it’s the right move for you, contact E-N Computers today. Our experts can help you weigh the pros and cons of cloud vs. on-prem email and workflow solutions, and assist with getting you up and running on a new system quickly.

Our next few Tech Corner articles will focus on integrating and migrating to Office 365. Stay tuned!