Get to Know Us: Cody Fitzgerald, Passionate about Cybersecurity

Did you know that Microsoft Windows releases security patches and fixes once a month? Chances are, unless you’re an IT pro, you probably didn’t. If you’re a business owner, you don’t have time to watch for new updates, let alone implement them. Yet, you don’t want to expose your computer network to potential threats. In the month of September for example, Microsoft addressed 61 vulnerabilities, including 23 that would allow for remote execution.

“We’d already deployed and applied a patch for this (security patch for September) so most of our users are protected,” says Cody Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald, along with other team members at E-N Computers, comb through security updates, patches, and so on for our clients and take care of them, as a matter of course. So this is one less thing our MSP clients have to worry about.

“Some really interesting exploits in this patch, even something as small as a image can possible infect a user,” says Fitzgerald. As an example of what could have happened if a user clicked on an infected image?  The “hacker” could take over the computer completely, potentially accessing sensitive files, like financial and credit card information.

Fitzgerald is one of E-N Computers Centralized Services team members with an expertise in security. He started with the company as an intern in high school in 2014 and has remained on staff through years of professional growth.

On any given typical day, Fitzgerald is aware of all the potential cyber threats that users experience. Many of his calls come from clients about determining if an email is spyware. Cody believes that this is a major threat to small businesses and he’s taken a number of professional courses in Cybersecurity o help combat it.

The team at E-N Computers takes care of your IT business--comprehensively and proactively.