Getting to Know Us: Meet Amelia Herring, New Marketing Specialist

  A recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, Amelia is our newest team member here at E-N Computers. She earned a dual degree in Communication Arts and Creative Advertising, where she learned the ins and outs of marketing strategy. Her creativity has brought a new energy to the office as E-N begins plans to expand throughout the state of Virginia.

 In her spare time, Amelia writes a blog called “I Screamed on Paper,” where she details her week. She publishes an article every Wednesday. She says her writing is a work in progress, as life is just a big lesson. Her goal through ISoP is to learn more about herself, and she encourages feedback from her readers.

Illustration and clay sculpture are other hobbies that Amelia enjoys. Amelia believes that as a creative person, it’s important to continue experimenting so that she doesn’t get pigeon-holed. And you never know, a weird sketch or an odd paragraph that gets scribbled down in two minutes could become a revolutionary ad campaign!