Meet Dave Moore: Financial Controller at E-N Computers

Meet Dave Moore: Financial Controller at E-N Computers

"I'm not interested in fishing, hunting, or NASCAR, so West Virginia kicked me out and I ended up here!" David Moore chuckles in answer to the question, "Where are you from?"

Moore is good-humored, with what he describes as an "authentic twang" in his voice. He was hired as E-N Computers' financial controller and has been with us for about 3 months. Before becoming a part of the E-N team, Moore worked at the Charlottesville Parking Center in their finance division and had been there since 2014.

Finance is an eight to five gig for him, though. Once he's out of the office, he dons the universal white and black striped referee uniform, and rushes off to the local high schools to act as a game official. Sports have been a part of Moore's life ever since he was little- "It never mattered what season it was," he says, "I was always a part of whatever game was being played. I played football, basketball, and baseball all through my childhood."

Moore smiles and tells me that he grew up right when video games were becoming popular, so it was still normal for kids to entertain themselves outside until the sun went down. "Then," he laughs, "we'd come inside and play video games all night."

Sports have more than one nostalgic connection for Moore. He and his father used to ump baseball games together when he still lived in West Virginia. Moore's family still lives in the same area, so he is able to make the trip back home to share that experience with his father on weekends during the baseball season. Moore continued the tradition of refereeing when he moved to Virginia, and the hobby has opened him up to a number of new experiences. An avid golfer as well, Moore will be headed down to Charlotte for the Wells Fargo Championship PGA Tour in May to work as a laser operator.

"You never see those guys on TV," explains Moore, "but the laser pointer is the guy who helps all the cameras find and focus on the ball."

The E-N Computers team is made up of a diverse crowd. We're proud to have such an interesting group, leading full lives outside of their careers. Read about our people every week and get to know us! A new article will be published ever Wednesday.