Phone service during the Pandemic

Phone service during the Pandemic

The working environment has changed drastically since March.

First you had to figure out how to do your work remote. It involved figuring out equipment, internet connections, VPN set ups, and pulling every file you think you might need from your office. The one item you could not bring home with you: your desk phone.

Some people have their voicemails go to their email or can have their calls forwarded to their cell phone. If you have those options, you are ahead of the curve. What happens when you call a customer back? Do you want your clients or customers to have your personal cell information? Will they answer when they do not recognize the number on caller ID?

EN Computers offers a phone platform with a solution for this very problem. You can elect to have access to the Nimbusphone app. This app is downloaded on your cell phone. Once downloaded, when your desk phone rings, your cell
phone will ring. The ring tone will sound different from your normal ring so you know the difference between a work call and a personal call. Work calls that are not picked up will go to your work voicemail vs your personal cell phone voicemail. You will be able to transfer calls to other extensions Our favorite feature is that the caller ID is your business and not your personal cell number.

No longer do you have to worry about clients/customers calling your cell while you are on vacation. Nimbusphone is the next step to being able to work completely remote while still being a part of your company’s systems.