Connectivity to global networks allows you to work productively wherever you go. This benefit comes with a risk. The risk of your sensitive data– your network security –being only a few clicks away from cyber criminals. Criminals you can’t see. They are in Russia, North Korea or anywhere in the world. Hacking has become big business. Even small business organizations can amass huge databases with thousands of sensitive records. Large or small, they are ripe targets for data breaches and theft.

Most business managers know that security needs to be a top priority. They spend a lot of time and money on these projects. Buying the latest firewalls, antivirus software, and locking down their networks. Unfortunately, it seems like just when those projects are completed, a new threat appears.

A consistent approach to the administration of security tools and an unwavering eye on what’s passing through the gates is hard for most organizations. We offer professional network security consulting and auditing services in Alexandria, VA. Our expert network security consultants will monitor your network security, user access, and use unique security processes to ensure sensitive information stays confidential. We’re accustomed to managing networks of all sizes. We maintain HIPAA compliance for two-doctor medical offices to managing off site servers supporting thousands of users spread across several national data centers.


Network Security is one of the pillars of EN Computers managed IT service plans. We combine System Administration with Help Desk Support, a security tools bundle, and 24×7 Network Monitoring.


Even as a standalone offering, our System Administration service can augment your internal IT resources as a dedicated security resource.

Key features of [company_short] Services:

  • Development of user/vendor access profiles. This tells us who should have access to what.​​​​​
  • Dedicated System Administration resources focused on security-related processes​​​​​.
  • Ability to manage cloud and on-premise network security​​​​.
  • Integrated tools for 24×7 network monitoring, antivirus/malware, patch management, and system logging.
  • Integration of security into an overall productivity support bundle.
  • ​​​​​Security solutions for ecommerce and website systems.
  • Management of compliance measures such as PCI and HIPAA​​​​​.
  • IT Security Assessment


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