Managed IT Services in Roanoke, VA

EN Computers specializes in providing managed IT support services for businesses in Roanoke, VA. Our managed IT services plans can help your company reduce problems that put your company at risk. Utilizing an IT consultant without having a managed service plan (MSP) is similar to flying on “standby” — you don’t have a guarantee you’re going to arrive on-time.

Establishing a managed IT service plan allows you to meet your business objectives. It provides a consistent approach for technology management, supporting your team, and budgeting for the future. Once implemented, the peace of mind your team will achieve provides an opportunity to be more productive. The assurance that your data is secure when you go home at night.

Here are SIX ways we are different than any other
IT company you’re going to talk too:

  1. We are a fully responsible outsourced IT department.
    Yes we do project, repairs, and consulting. We monitor and provide solutions around backup and cloud. Our approach is for all of this to work together as a fully responsible department with a fixed budget. Most of our competitor price by the technology, the repair, tool, or service. This give them latitude to upsell and constantly ask for more money to be responsible for what any lay person would say should have done in the first place.
  2. We help client control 3rd party IT expenses – especially the phone & Internet bill.
    We’ve seen a lot of networks and phone systems using costly legacy structures. We often can re-negotiate rates or restructure the network and achieve significant savings.
    Complementary onboard project & tools. We include in our base fees many services that other companies upsell. Our goal is for the customer to understand what they need to run their business.
  3. Every new client gets a free on-boarding project.
    Often this is implementing best practices or new equipment others would trying to upsell you for.
  4. Regularly scheduled fully day site visits.
    We feel we can’t be fully responsible unless we are meeting with our clients face to face regularly. We have great remote help desk and wonderful online portals where you can see all our documentation and manage work cues. As the IT industry has moved more into the cloud we’ve found it’s invaluable to be onsite to really get to know our client’s personalities and businesses. We schedule a full day onsite to allow our team time to get to manage projects, work on more complex issues, and focus on being proactive. Including these services as part of our agreement allow us to be fully responsible, while managing change. It also help to clean up those IT closets!
  5. 30 Day money back guarantee and no onerous contracts.
    We guarantee our equipment and work we provide for 30 days or your money back. We guarantee our service price for a year, but if you are unsatisfied you can leave with 30 days’ notice
  6. We quote a full responsible price before the technical survey.
    We price based on the size of the business and the number of technology users. This enables us to provide a starting price without having to access sensitive systems and tie up a lot of client time. Our approach can be particularly valuable if a client is considering a sensitive transition and wants a price without letting their current IT support know they are looking for other solutions. Our goal is to leverage our knowledge of being a fully responsible outsourced IT department across 1700 users and 60 area business to allow you to budget.

Proactive, Comprehensive, and Dynamic IT Management

Our managed IT services support a wide range of business sizes. We support dental offices with 10 employees to large 24/7 manufacturing companies that utilize our IT staff augmentation.

Our IT management plans have the flexibility you need — without purchasing services you just don’t need. Our goal is to be fully responsible to you.

Our IT promise is to:

  • We get to know your business.
  • Develop a strategic plan structured around your needs.
  • Understand what’s currently working, what can be carried forward, and what needs updating to achieve your overall business goals.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive, responsible, and cost-effective bundle of IT services.

When considering an IT managed service provider, it’s important to outline exactly what services your business will need. Often managed service providers don’t deliver what customers expect. Be sure you have a plan that details everything you expect to receive.

E-N Computers Is fully responsible:

  • We provide IT service plans that clearly define what you’re getting.
  • We explain covered technologies, completion times, and the IT services we’ll provide.

The IT industry calls this “managed services”; we call it Our Guarantee

We believe the purpose of a managed IT service plan is to actively guide you and your business towards your objectives. Rather than — “call us every time something is broken and IT Service is needed”! EN Computers provides a “we’ll let you know in the beginning what’s needed, give you an upfront price, and keep it going thereafter” proactive IT management service. We call this our “river cruise”. You can hop on our boat and float down the river. If speed is your thing, we’ll help you paddle faster toward your destination. We’ll guide you through the rapids avoiding the nasty spills and you choose when you want to get off the boat.