IT Safety and the Internet of Things? IoT

There are a billion-plus smart devices connected worldwide. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way business operates. Machines can communicate with each other.  Imagine! Through the ioT, machines now share information! The ability to connect, communicate with and remotely manage a network of automated devices is creating business opportunities we haven’t seen before – from the factory floor, to the hospital operating room – even in your home.

IT Peace of Mind? How Can I Find IT?

Imagine -- you are the CEO, CFO or any executive in charge of securing and maintaining the networks of a medium size business.  You have around 50 - 80 computers and you have a budget for one maybe two IT people, but enough work for 4 or 5.  Your IT guy spends most of his day helping employees with computer problems, lost passwords, and sometimes machines that just needed to be plugged back in.

E-N Computers Draws Talent

Ian MacRae, President, has a vision of social entrepreneurship, an appreciation for art, the history of Waynesboro and strong sense of community as outlined in Whurk Magazine.

"London, Paris, Tokyo... Waynesboro? It may not be the first place you’d look for innovative art projects, but a new creative culture is forming here thanks to some unlikely forces.