Using Quickbooks?

As you probably know--using Quickbooks is pretty much a gold standard for anyone working in accounting these days.

However, there have been a lot of changes lately.

First, Quickbooks, like most software, is offering an Online version, or Software As A Service (SaaS), and It will most likely eclipse the desktop version.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR’s):The Big Picture

Quarterly Business Reviews are quarterly meetings that look at the business big picture. So, an outline of the existing state of a clients’ business and how their IT partner is helping them reach their goals.
“Strategic budgeting and planning are critical,” says Kiev C. Brownlee, president and CEO of Chicago-based KB Consulting Services Inc.

Big Brand Phishing: Be the One that Got Away!

It seems that lately, phishing attacks have turned into an “obvious” problem. Now cybercriminals have turned to big brand phishing. This week’s Scam Attack is directed at Netflix. This big brand phishing campaign goes after your login, credit card, and ID.
Since phishing attacks rarely make the news these days.

New IT Trends for 2018!

Not only is it a New Year, but there are new IT trends for 2018!
In 2018, according to Quantum Run, a number of technology breakthroughs and IT trends are happening around the world, for example:

There will be one Wi-Fi hotspot for every 20 people.

Who will expose your business to Cybercrime?

Kon Leong at Harvard Business Review writes an excellent article on cybercrime. He points out the problem of employees exposing your business through human error.

He said: "Today, cybersecurity has expanded far beyond its traditional domain of external threats, typified by external hackers attacking network vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Office License Update

Microsoft has updated how they handle a license. Specifically, how they handle licenses that bundle together multiple features.

At EN Computers, there are three common licenses our clients use …

Exchange Online Plan 1 – “stand-alone” e-mail only license
Office 365 Business Premium – bundle license that includes the Exchange Online Plan 1 feature
Enterprise E3 – bundle license that includes the Exchange Online Plan 2 feature

In the past, if a user with an Exchange Online Plan 1, was assigned an Office 365 Business Premium license -- the Admin portal would allow it.

The Evolution of IT and MSP’s

Let’s look at the evolution of IT and what that means for business –
Technology has become the basis of business. First we saw smart, connected businesses. Then we began to see smart, connected people. Now we are seeing smart, connected things!

Everyday there are more opportunities for automation, cloud services, data gathering and integration that affect every industry vertical.