Cyber Crime – Protecting Your Data From the Darknet

Cyber Crime (or Luke, I Am Not Your Father's Internet!)
Cyber crime is a major threat and burden to the online community today. It seems like everyday one corporate conglomerate or another is being hacked. Target, Neiman Marcus, and even credit card processing companies are being compromised and putting customer's personal and financial information at risk.

Heartbleed Bug – Update! Links you Need to Know

Heartbleed Bug Update - 04/16/2014
In an effort to continually provide customers with the latest and most up-to-date information on the Heartbleed bug and all IT concerns, E-N Computers would like to pass on the following links.  It includes information concerning the Heartbleed bug, some tools to help you identify the need for password changes, and also a tool to warn you if you are visiting a site affected by the Heartbleed bug.

Don’t Forget about Hidden Costs in Your IT Budget

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When budgeting any business service — be it marketing, legal, accounting or, yes, IT — the key to success lies in finding the right balance between the obvious costs and the hidden costs. The obvious costs are those that show up on your statements each month — the actual fees you pay for the service and any related expenses, such as for equipment or supplies.

Brandon McKean Promoted to Technical Specialist

Brandon McKean Accepts New Role with E-N Computers
E-N Computers is pleased to announce the promotion of Brandon McKean to Technical Specialist. Brandon joined E-N Computers in August of 2013 in the role of Support Specialist. Brandon has been performing the duties of Technical Specialist for the last several months and formally took over the role as of March of 2014.

Brandon has a long standing interest in technology, is A+ certified, and an expert in Linux.

Data Collection Don’t Give Away the Store Using “Free” Online Services

Data collection is a serious problem on the Internet today. What would you tell your competitor down the street who asked to see your customer files? How about your billing records? Or what if they asked to see what products customers ordered most from you? What would you tell the competitor who asked you to give them this information?

Probably three words we can’t print here.

Web Design: Frustrating the Masses for Eons

The Wonderful World of World Wide Web Design
In the grand scheme of things, web design may not be on top of your company's priority list. You may be thinking to yourself: Self, I don't want (or need) a website. I know, not all of us like change and the thought of 21st century technology frightens us worse than a horde of barbarians descending on our village.

E-N Computers, Inc. Nominated for High Tech Company Award

E-N Computers is proud to announce that we have been nominated for a High Tech Company Award by the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council. The High Tech Company Award recognizes outstanding commercial growth and achievement by an established company that produces and markets predominantly high tech products or services.