Service Tickets – The Key to Faster Service

One question we often hear when clients call us with a service issue is: “Why do I need a service ticket?” Here is the answer. The service ticket is the single most important tool we have to make sure that service issues get resolved fast, with no mistakes and with the least amount of disruption to your business.

Choosing Technology That is Right for Your Business

Choosing technology today can be an overwhelming prospect for any business. There are many options to choose from. Gone are the days of computers that filled up warehouses and monochrome monitors.We are overwhelmed by technology ads. Buy this! No! Buy that! The list of products seems almost limitless.

Managed Services Provider

Your Managed Services Provider  Should Be a Consultant, Not Just a Vendor
Long gone are the days when a computer was just a box that sat in a corner or on someone’s desktop — like a typewriter, stapler or fax machine — a device you used simply to do a job faster and easier.

Future Business Growth

Is your Current IT Preparing Your Future Business Growth?
When a company plans for future business growth , several factors are considered. A large concern that many businesses have, when hiring outsourced consultants, is that only the visible issues will be fixed, leaving many unresolved problems to surface at a later date.

Business Continuity Plan

So, you own a business. You need to have a business continuity plan in place.
The weather prognosticators are calling for the storm of the century. They are calling for snow, ice, rain, locusts, toads, cats and dogs, and generally just any type of precipitation they can imagine in a diabolical scheme to increase bread, milk, and toilet paper sales.

Why IT Outsourcing is Better than In-House IT

What is IT outsourcing anyways? Recently, the concept of IT outsourcing has been used to define any IT service that serves its clients off site as opposed to "in-house." One should be careful however when throwing the term "IT Outsourcing" around. As IT outsourcing professionals, we at E-N Computers have come to loathe these words.

Martin Luther King Jr. on Technology

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Martin Luther King Jr., Impacted Technology More than you Think!
Today we remember a man who stood strong in the face of adversity; and because of it, helped change the world.