Why IT Outsourcing is Better than In-House IT

What is IT outsourcing anyways? Recently, the concept of IT outsourcing has been used to define any IT service that serves its clients off site as opposed to "in-house." One should be careful however when throwing the term "IT Outsourcing" around. As IT outsourcing professionals, we at E-N Computers have come to loathe these words.

Martin Luther King Jr. on Technology

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Martin Luther King Jr., Impacted Technology More than you Think!
Today we remember a man who stood strong in the face of adversity; and because of it, helped change the world.

Preventative IT Outsourcing

Preventative as Opposed to Reactive IT Outsourcing
When searching for an IT outsourcing company, many organizations and businesses find themselves with an outfit that only reacts to issues that arise with their IT infrastructure. Quality IT outsourcing should demonstrate a service that helps it's customers set up their existing infrastructure to not only be effective in managing IT emergencies, but to prevent them from even arising in the first place.

E-N Computers New Website Poll!

Thanks for Taking our New Website Poll!
E-N Computers has launched it's new website! Over the last few months, one of the E-N Computers teams' newest members, Andrew Guertler, took on the project of completely re-designing the company's look and feel online.

Computer Security Threat: Take Action and Upgrade XP!

In 2003 Microsoft developed what is presumably one of the most satisfying products they ever created. Windows XP and server 2003 have been some of the longest lasting Microsoft products for a long time. Many companies have opted to stick with XP and server 2003 for the last 10 years because of the stability and dependability.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Importance of Protecting Intellectual Property
Profit and physical assets are required in order for a business to grow and succeed. However, by not protecting intellectual property,  that causes the largest and most costly threat. Trade secrets, client details and financial analysis are among the most imperative pieces of information that must be protected.

Recycle Your Computer and Fight Blood Cancer

E -N Computers and H & R Contractors has teamed up to fight blood cancer. E-N Computers will be collecting computers and recycling them for a suggested donation of $5.00.  All the proceeds will go to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  To schedule a time to drop off or pick up call 540.885.3129.

*Some restrictions will apply based on distance needed to travel for pick up.