How To Train Your Users to Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing is big business. Each year, businesses lose millions of dollars to phishing scams and other “social engineering” attacks. So naturally, sysadmins are interested in helping their users to identify and avoid these threats if and when they hit their inboxes.

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Data Breaches on the Rise

Flaws in payment systems created an opportunity for thieves to access customer data. Data that includes contact information email addresses, physical addresses and log in information like user names and passwords.

According to Business Insider Intelligence, data breaches are a threat to brands and customers.

How To Develop A Malware Response Action Plan

Malware outbreaks have been in the news lately. Entire companies crippled by serious malware infections. They have paid ransoms to hackers in order to get their data back and their systems online.

Of course, you need to have good antivirus, firewall, and spam filtering solutions in place in order to prevent infections in the first place.

Protect Your Network by Building a Strong Password Policy

Passwords are like the keys to your company’s network. Your users use them to log in to computers, access email, and connect remotely via VPN. And just like the key to the front door of your offices, a password in the wrong hands can allow unwanted “visitors” into your network -- where they can steal confidential information, destroy data, and expose your company to liability.

March Madness Hacker Scam

The latest hacker scam is March Madness!  It seems that hackers like to capitalize on current popular events. Recently, it was the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day – well, now it’s March Madness!
So, hackers are now spoofing popular March Madness websites, and that includes bracket sites and live game streaming.

Firewall: Don’t Leave the Windows Open

A computer without a firewall is like leaving the doors open, the windows down and the keys in the ignition of your car. You might as well leave a sign that says “steal me!”
Protecting your computer systems from malicious users intent on disrupting your operations or -- even worse -- stealing your private data or intellectual property must be an IT priority.

Who will expose your business to Cybercrime?

Kon Leong at Harvard Business Review writes an excellent article on cybercrime. He points out the problem of employees exposing your business through human error.

He said: "Today, cybersecurity has expanded far beyond its traditional domain of external threats, typified by external hackers attacking network vulnerabilities.