At E-N Computers, we are all about bringing unexpected solutions to the table. Talking with an E-N Computers specialist brings unimaginable IT solutions to light. We are all about revealing these IT solutions and allowing you to see beyond the apparent obstacles. We’ll bring IT solutions into reach and what once seemed too complex, becomes a reality.

E-N Computers specializes in providing your organization with complete or partial IT outsourcing solutions. Solutions such as computer or printer repair, application and web hosting, VoIP phone service, web development, and industry-specific software are just a few of the services we provide. So what are you waiting for?

Meet the President

With a history of great service and quality results, E-N Computers has a story unlike any other. E-N Computers was founded in 1997 by Ian MacRae out of a passion for helping people with technology. Ian started by providing great service in Waynesboro, Staunton, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville and has grown a team to support all Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland with on-site service. Our Service Desk started as Ian’s cell phone and is now staffed with a team of specialists helping clients nationally and internationally.

Ian, and E-N Computers for that matter, has always valued the concept of healthy partnerships. Not only does he and his company value it, but it is one of the pillars of E-N Computers foundation. Ian has always believed that his clients are not just customers, but partners whose success ensures his success. This is why you can expect nothing but the best service from Ian and his team.

“Our goal at E-N Computers is to optimize your strategic resources by optimizing your technology infrastructure for quality, performance, and adaptability while also saving your money and providing you with the freedom to do what you do best by making expert technicians available to you 24/7.”

- Ian MacRae, President