Breakfast With Valley Legislators

This morning the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Chamber of Commerce and the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council held a breakfast at James Madison University featuring four Virginia General Assembly legislators: Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Rockingham), Senator Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta), Delegate Steve Landes (R-Augusta), and Delegate Tony Wilt (R-Rockingham). The purpose of the talk was to discuss pressing issues, a bit of technological concerns, and possible legislation facing businesses and individuals, especially those in the central Shenandoah Valley.

Flickering Lights, Flickering Connectivity

[Image from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation © Warner Brothers]

For many people, December is a time to decorate their homes and offices for the Christmas season.  However, did you know that these lights could be slowing down your Wi-Fi signal?  According to the British company Ofcom, a variety of electronic devices could cause disruption in your internet service.

Will Li-Fi Replace Wi-Fi?

[Image from Boston University &]

These days, it is hard to imagine a world without Wi-Fi.  Whether at the office, at home, or somewhere on the road, internet connectivity has become vitally important to just about everyone and every line of business.

Comcast Update

Yesterday, Comcast suffered massive outages throughout much of Virginia and the D.C. area.  Although some people and businesses are still reporting connectivity issues in and around Charlottesville, Richmond, and Washington D.C., as the map above show as of about 10:30 AM on 11/24, the problem seems to be getting much better.

Comcast Outages

Comcast is presently experiencing some major outages in the Washington D.C. area as well as around Richmond, Virginia and the I-64 corridor from Charlottesville to Staunton.  Anyone who uses Comcast for either internet or phone services in these areas may have limited or no service.

Windows 10 Update

Since Windows 10 released in July of this year, many PC users have updated to this newest (and free) system software.  If you haven't gotten around to doing so, and would like to learn more about Windows 10, you can read all about it on their official website.

Checking on Your Tech Closet

Many individuals and businesses have their modems, routers, and servers tucked away in some remote closet far away from the day-to-day operations.  After all, all of those blinking lights, the whirring motors, a variety of cords, and (for some setups) the excessive heat that they produce isn't something most people want to see or be reminded of everyday.

Cyber Attack!

Cyber security attacks are a constant issue for any business.  Although United States companies are often on the receiving end of these assaults, hackers can and do target a variety of countries across the globe.  Yes, many of these attacks come from places like China and Russia, but some originate in America and our (perhaps not quite as friendly as we thought) neighbor to the north too.

Are your Cameras Secure?

[Image from]

Many businesses use security cameras to keep an eye on their property.  It certainly is an easy way to improve your security, isn't it?  However, if they are not installed and monitored properly, these very same cameras can be used against you!  Unfortunately, according to an article published last week on incapsula.

Comcast Outage

Comcast has been experiencing major outages throughout large parts of Virginia today.  This problem hampers both phones and internet.  The image provided above shows outages as of 5:50 PM.

To check to see which areas are affected, you can click on the link provided here.