Virginia Businesses Beware! The End Is Near for Server 2003

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Written by Max Sanker


No, it’s not the apocalypse (probably).  It’s not even Y2K (did that ever actually happen?).  But, July 14, 2015 does mark the end – and you DO need to be prepared.  As many of us are already aware, on July 14, 2015 Microsoft will end their support of Windows Server 2003.  Though this may be the end of an era, it doesn’t have to be the beginning of a panic.

Could OpenDNS Be Your Solution?

For those people who run a small business, or even a large one, I’m sure network security is a hassle that you’d rather not have to deal with.  However, as with so many things, ignoring a problem won’t make it go away...and often ends up making things worse!

From time to time, left unchecked, employees will use their company computers to visit websites and download content that isn’t appropriate for work.

Transferring to Kaseya

As E-N Computers transfers from using Continuum to Kaseya, some of our customers may find messages, like the one pictured above, on your computer screen.  They may pop up from time to time as your Windows operating system updates.  However, if you do get such a message with that new icon, do not fret; they are authentic and not from some sort of malicious virus.

Unexpected Solutions

The slogan of E-N Computers is "unexpected solutions" and recently I had an opportunity to see one of these unexpected solutions firsthand.  Not too long ago, I traveled to Waynesboro, Virginia, to visit one of their technicians in action at a local dentist's office.

Network Security in an Insecure World

Are your computers, data, and network secure? Well, according to an article published in The Washington Post on June 22nd, the answer is almost certainly no.

Now, this isn’t a new problem. According to Craig Timberg’s “A Disaster Foretold – and Ignored”, over a decade ago a group of hackers known as L0pht spoke before a Congressional hearing on this issue.

Tech Upgrade on the Farm

On Thursday morning of last week I ventured with one of the E-N Computers technicians for a scheduled visit to Sunrise Farms in Stuarts Draft, Virginia.

While we worked, I learned more about what first brought E-N Computers to Sunrise. Sunrise Farms has several computers in a handful of offices at various locations on their farmyard.

Why Your CIO Should Report to the CEO

To rehash a tired axiom, we all know that computers and technology pervade just about every part of our workday lives, and possibly a great deal of our personal lives as well. Everything from clocking in and out when we arrive and leave work, or at least keeping time sheets; entering requests for time off; receiving electronic pay stubs; accessing electronic records of our health plans and medical care; using self-service human resource portals; and of course, the ever pervasive email, instant messengers, texts, and tweets, just to mention a few.

IT spending in 2015 moving to the cloud

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Yes, IT spending in 2015 is all about the cloud. Businesses are budgeting more than ever to power their information technology operations while, at the same time cutting back on capital expenditures for IT, according to new research.