How long should computers last?

If you only do a little home shopping, email, and your kids’ homework, a computer for your home is potentially less likely to need upgrading as frequently as the ones you used for work. (Except of course for the demands of children and compatibility with school/education technology.

5 Perceived risks of outsourcing IT

Risk #1 My Company doesn’t like change. It may be true that organizations and business people become comfortable with what they are familiar with. Change can cause added stress and discomfort for a period of time but, in reality a company is changing all the time.

IT Evolution: Break/Fix vs. Lifecycle Planning

We all get used to coming to work every day, sitting down to our computers, and picking up where we left off yesterday. Because laptop and desktop computers last as well as they do, for at least several years, we’re lulled into a sense of security that really isn’t reality.

Recycling-It’s Not Easy Being Green (Thanks, Kermit)

Recycling and "being green" are huge issues today, and very important to our future. It seems that everyone has old, unused computer equipment laying around these days. Undoubtedly, this equipment ends up in the trash and headed for the landfill.  From household waste to old tires, landfills are rapidly filling to capacity.

XP-ired – When The System Hits The Fan

What To Do When Your OS Dumps You
You have Windows XP running on your company computers. Everything is sailing along as usual. No worries, right? Wait a minute. What date is it? You mean your current IT provider didn't let you know that XP support was ending? By now, you are probably aware (or not) that support for Windows XP ended on April 8th.

Password? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Password!

Password Management And The Art of Zen
A password or PIN number is used for almost everything these days. Each of us have (it seems like) hundreds of passwords and pin numbers to remember and manage. Social media sites, personal e-mail, music download sites, our smartphones and tablets, and even fantasy football leagues require user names and passwords.

VoIP – Four Top Moneymaking Tips Using VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol). Think of it as email for phone calls — though one important difference is that the information going over the wire is not static text or attachments, but rather it’s an actual live conversation. Phone companies like VoIP because it allows the same physical wire to carry many phone calls at the same time.

System Upgrades – How Can My IT System Be The Best It Can

Where In The World Is My Money Going and Did Anyone Ever Find Carmen Sandiego?
Keeping up with your IT system is a pain, especially if it is breaking down or not operating properly. No one enjoys spending more money than they have to spend (just ask our accountant). Whether a business or an individual, all of us are looking for ways to cut back on expenses as well as saving money and time.

Cyber Crime – Protecting Your Data From the Darknet

Cyber Crime (or Luke, I Am Not Your Father's Internet!)
Cyber crime is a major threat and burden to the online community today. It seems like everyday one corporate conglomerate or another is being hacked. Target, Neiman Marcus, and even credit card processing companies are being compromised and putting customer's personal and financial information at risk.