E-N Computers to Host Booth at First Ever TechCon

E-N Computers, Inc., is proud to announce that it will host a booth at the first ever Valley TechCon, Harrisonburg, September 28, 2018.

“We’re excited to see such a wide interest in technology growing in the Shenandoah Valley and are thrilled to be a part of it,” says E-N Computers CEO, Ian MacRae.

Severe Weather Threat and Your IT Services

With the threat of severe weather heading toward the East Coast, E-N Computers wants our clients to know we're here for them. Here's some tips to help prevent equipment damage and prepare for possible power and Internet outages.

Secure computers and battery backups above flood height, power them off and unplug from the wall outlet to protect from power surges.

Business Continuity: Data Backup and Recovery

With all the storms and power outages that we have been experiencing, it’s never too soon to review your business’ data backup and recovery process. Not only does an increasingly mobile workforce require data backup in the cloud, but a substantial amount of critical data is on desktops.

Data Breaches on the Rise

Flaws in payment systems created an opportunity for thieves to access customer data. Data that includes contact information email addresses, physical addresses and log in information like user names and passwords.

According to Business Insider Intelligence, data breaches are a threat to brands and customers.

Business Agility Part 5: New Customers —

As we continue our series on Business Issues, this week we focus on how to attract new customers and how to retain them. Also, how to improve security, and workplace transformations. Last week, we discussed the need for speed.
#6 Business Issue: Attract New Customers
First of all, what sets you apart? What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?  Know your ideal customer in order to communicate why you are different.

Business Agility Part 4: A Need for Speed to Market—

Recognizing the need for speed to market is the next issue in our 10 part series on keeping your business agile. In part 3, we discussed managing uncertainty but this week we are looking at another business issue:
#7 Business Issue: Improving speed to market
While lead times, and customers who change their minds make it challenging to create the perfect balance between inventory and demand.

Choosing a PROACTIVE IT Support Partner

If you are a small to medium size business, you probably have a small to smaller IT support budget.   Building an IT infrastructure can be daunting so a lot of businesses choose to work with a Managed IT Services (MSP) partner. Lot’s of MSP’s say they do the same thing – IT support - but how do you choose the best partner?
Here are 3 things that a proactive IT support partner will provide:


A good IT support partner will always provide benchmark standards.

Make Your Business Agile Part 3: Managing Uncertainty

Managing Uncertainty is the third of a 10 part series reviewing the Top 10 IT concerns in 2018. In the last article we addressed the 9thth largest IT issue and the challenges. We continue to look for ways to make your business agile.
#8 Business Issue: Managing Uncertainty
Abrupt shifts in politics, consumer behavior, regulatory changes, technology advances all conspire to upset even the most carefully planned business strategies.