Document Management

Does document management mean that your organization has file cabinets taking up half of your office? If you don’t want to keep all those files, especially those that are no longer important, E-N Computers has a solution to handle it all.

We offer a comprehensive Document Management System (DMS) solution. It's a repository that will help you streamline your business and increase work productivity. Our experienced technicians at E-N Computers will work hand-in-hand with your team to create a solution that meets your organizational needs.

Boost productivity with E-N Computers Document Management expertise

A Document Management System (DMS) is sometimes used as an integral component of an overall Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. It is a dedicated file system that let's you manage all the vital information your organization uses to plan, run, and maintain continuity to help boost productivity. The DMS provides your company a free-flowing, collaborative outlet to manage all of your important information. If you want to add fluidity to your database, E-N Computers solution integrates with many of today's top database solutions. Giving you and your staff a user experience that will save everyone time.

Embrace a greener workplace

It may be impossible to create a paperless office. With many companies pushing forward the integration of mobile devices into their workflow, there are opportunities for you to decrease your firm’s carbon footprint. Steady growth means more documents. Having digital copies of physical documents in your DMS allow your organization additional options to manage all of your company's information in one place.

Print & Copy

E-N Computers offers a variety of printing and copying services designed to meet whatever your organization needs. Whether it’s a black and white flyer or a four-color brochure, E-N Computers has the tools and expertise to give you what you need. If you’re unsure about your options, we’re happy to talk you through them.

We offer both black and white and color digital printing. If you know all of the details of your printing job, you can submit your digital files to us electronically. For copy jobs, we have state-of-the-art black and white and color copier equipment that will create crisp, clean prints.