HIPAA Compliance

Achieve compliance and avoid paying huge fines.

In 1996, the Federal Government passed the law for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA. The law contains the rules, regulations, and guidelines surrounding the use and distribution of medical and patient information.

HIPAA compliance is an important component of healthcare services, it is necessary but indeed challenging. Healthcare organizations need tools and guidance to make both understanding and abiding by the law an easier process.

The Health and Human Services (HHS), the health department takes HIPAA compliance very seriously. HHS enforces HIPAA requirements aggressively and assigns stiff financial penalties according to a four-tier system.

  • Tier 1

    Accidental, low-impact HIPAA violations are eligible for a $100 fine per violation, with an annual maximum of $25,000.

  • Tier 2

    For higher impact violations, fines increase to $1,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $100,000.

  • Tier 3

    HHS takes intentional neglect of HIPAA requirements very seriously. If healthcare entities don't correct first-time HIPAA compliance violations in a timely fashion, the fine stands at $10,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $250,000.

  • Tier 4

    Entities that knowingly violate HIPAA and fail to correct the problem face a fine of $50,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $1.5 million. Intentional violations of the HIPAA requirements for privacy, such as in a hacking attack or copying and disseminating PHI, carry fines up to $100,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Cyber-attacks on companies under HIPAA regulations have become more common in recent years. As technology advances, hackers create more sophisticated programs to exploit, penetrate and steal from your network.

We know that reaching compliance can be a daunting task for organizations, E-N Computers has been assisting clients in creating HIPAA compliant networks for the last 10 years. The first step is understanding how HIPAA laws apply to your organization. Second, we'll implement technology, workflow processes, and staff training to help prevent accidental disclosure or HIPAA-related data breaches.

Contact us now to see how we can help your company identify and mitigate risks related to HIPAA compliance and avoid paying fines.