Video Surveillance

E-N Computers is a certified partner of Avigilon. Avigilon offers a wide variety of security camera options that E-N Computers can install and maintain. Whether you need video surveillance for a single room, a hallway, an entire office building, or even an outside venue, E-N Computers and Avigilon have you covered.
video camera

Using online tools, E-N Computers can craft a video surveillance system using Avigilon equipment that will fit your needs and, just as important, your budget.

Taking advantage of the latest technology, this equipment has the ability to differentiate between human beings, automobiles, animals, and random debris. You can be alerted when a person is trespassing on your property, but not be bothered by random leaves blowing in the wind. With cameras that function during the day and at night, indoors or outside, additional lighting is no longer a concern.

Selecting the right camera is important. You can capture both the field of vision and image details necessary to keep your business safe. But that’s not all. You’ll also require a server to route and store the video from your cameras (one that has sufficient bandwidth and storage capacity). E-N Computers trained technicians can help determine the proper appliances for your specific circumstances.