Benefit from the power of a reliable, fast and secured wireless network.

We are in an age where we are increasingly dependent on the Internet for so many things in our everyday lives. Communication is perhaps the greatest dependent and beneficiary of the Internet. Whether we communicate for business purposes or personal, we need the power of the Internet to make the voice data leap from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

Especially in business, a reliable and fast network connection is paramount. People share more and more data, at a bigger capacity than ever before. Furthermore, with mobile technology devices, people can do their job wherever they go. Employees are now enjoying the flexibility of moving around the office, and outside the office, to work wherever they want.

Only with a reliable, fast and secure wireless network, is any of this possible. Wireless site surveys and heat mapping are critical first steps for businesses to ensure their network is properly set-up to fully enjoy these benefits.

Wireless Network Site Survey & Heat Mapping

Wireless site surveys and heat mapping services start with identifying the radio frequency being transmitted by your access points all throughout the office premise.

Knowing the behavior of these signals allows our network engineering team to design, plan and implement workarounds to avoid network interferences that slow down network speed.

Assess Existing Network

Determine the capacity of the existing networks that can be utilized by the access points, like walls with existing LAN ports or Ethernet lines that can be used.

Locating Obstacles

To identify the optimal location for access points, we gather the configuration of the location that impacts signal coverage such as walls, meeting rooms, floor elevations and more.

Every business knows the importance of having a stable and fast wireless network connection. Our professional network engineers will assess the specific needs of your business to provide the most complete WiFi coverage within your facilities.

Access Points Requirements

Every access point is different. They differ in range, signal type, channel, and so on. Our partnership with leading manufacturers enables us to deliver quality networking products to our clients.


We are an IT partner who is trusted by all of our clients, because we demonstrate our commitment to helping them tackle IT challenges they encounter every day. Our service doesn't stop after installation, we're always there for you when you need us.

The Best of Both Worlds

More and more companies are now reaping the benefits of having not just hard-wired connections but the ability to move from one place to another while remaining connected to the network. Visitors are also able to enjoy the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) feature of the wireless network that may increase their interest in your business and transform them from potential to real clients.

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