Structured Cabling

We make the backbone of IT infrastructure reliable and efficient

The key to today's IT leader is to build a solid network infrastructure that supports the current and the future of the organization. And every solid network configuration starts with a well-designed, well-installed and well-maintained cabling system.

While the structured cabling system only represents a fraction of your organization's overall network, it can represent nearly 80% of your IT network reliability and efficiency.

E-N Computers design, install & maintain


Is the design of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for today's needs and those of the future. With a correctly designed system according to the layout of office area, current and future hardware expansion are a breeze.



The function of a structured cabling installation is to support the connection between the telecom closet, entrance facilities, meeting rooms, and the production area.

Making sure the type of cable is in place according to the equipment specs.



The only way to achieve a fast and stable connection is by making sure that every cable box is locked, wall ports are closed when not in use, and cables are hidden away.

Keep all connections tight and secured.


We are excited to be your next service provider

No matter how diverse your technology systems, E-N Computers cable engineers will help you implement a structured cabling system to meet your current needs and also allow for easy integration of new technology solutions in the event the expansion demands.

We adhere to the most accurate structured cabling methodologies and only use premium industry-standard cable. You can expect the highest level of quality and service from E-N Computers.

Call our certified engineers now and let start analyzing your business needs for structured cabling. Whether you are planning to open a new office or relocating to a new place, rest assured that our recommendation for your network infrastructure will be the best return of your investment.