Dave Moore

Our company was in a situation where we were reactive instead of being proactive, as far as our technology needs were concerned. We were always behind the technology curve, and therefore not efficient in our day-to-day operations. We decided to make a change and went with E-N Computers based on the recommendation of a business associate and we couldn’t be happier. Because of our lack of technology in the past, we would refrain from hosting a client and instead meet them offsite or at the client’s location. Now, because of E-N Computers, we proudly host clients with the ability to have multimedia presentations and the feel of a more professional organization.

E-N Computers has the ability to solve your day-to-day helpdesk issues or manage a large project that may require construction, rewiring, and adding new hardware. They have done both for us and we are very happy on both fronts.

Finance Manager
Charlottesville Parking Center (CPC)