Dr. Alex McMillan IV, DDS  McMillan Sedation Dentistry

Shortly after engaging the E-N Computers team, it became apparent to us that we had never experienced such a proactive IT support approach. Advisory discussions were held at an early stage to highlight measures that would improve performance, security and efficiency. Strengths and weaknesses were assessed, and new cabling, network equipment, and computers were installed.

With previous experience limited to a sluggish legacy support based on a remote break/fix model, our concept of responsiveness was nothing compared to what was introduced to us by the folks at E-N. We now have a team that not only responds to help requests within minutes, but also provides boots on the ground on a monthly basis with regularly scheduled site visits. We feel fully supported and cared for, and that the E-N Computers team are, true to their words, fully responsible for all of our IT needs.

Dr Alex McMillan IV, DDS
McMillan Sedation Dentistry