Our Process at ENC


Continuous optimization is the key to unlocking the full potential of your business IT. Instead of waiting for problems to happen, we take a proactive approach. The result is technology that empowers your workers, prepares your business for the future, and provides a competitive advantage. 

  • Quarterly Business Review


    Make technology work for you 

    Meet with one or more of our senior team members for a status update and a deep dive on one aspect of your IT roadmap. 

    Status update: Discuss industry trends, new technologies, and the support you receive from us.  

    Deep dive: Tackle one of these four areas each quarter: 

    • Tech Infrastructure: Analyzing server capabilities, workstation efficiency, and network capacity. 
    • Service Delivery: Reviewing onboarding processes, documentation accuracy, and application performance. 
    • Risk: Assessing security policies, backup procedures, and compliance requirements.
    • Strategy and Operations: Evaluating how technology supports your overall business strategy. 

    How can we keep our IT roadmap current? 

    What is Business/IT Strategy Alignment? 

  • Technology Roadmap & Budget

    IT budgeting done the right way 

    Do you struggle to create an IT budget each year? It’s next to impossible if you don’t know what you will need throughout the year. There’s a better way! 

    1. Start with your business, challenges, and goals. 
    2. Develop an IT strategy to fit your needs. 
    3. Build a 12-month technology roadmap based on your strategy. 
    4. Create a budget based on the roadmap. 

    At E-N Computers, we work with you to plan for upgrades, replacements, license renewals and more. A regular schedule is a great way to make sure your devices remain reliable and perform well.  

     A clear strategy and roadmap makes it easy to identify unnecessary IT costs and trim your budget 

    • Replace overly complex solutions 
    • Look for opportunities to integrate systems and automate processes 
    • Review software licenses for unneeded features 
    • Evaluate whether cloud services or on-premises servers provide the best value 

    Technology Roadmap & Budget

  • Change Management


    Change it up without the chaos 

    Change management involves adding, moving, changing, or removing hardware or systems in a way that doesn’t disrupt service.

    Our managed IT plans come with regular onsite days so that our technicians can make the changes you need while limiting downtime and saves you from submitting individual requests and being billed for them.

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