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Our Process at ENC

  • Discovery

    The first step of discovery is our complementary Business Improvement Review, a high-level discussion about how technology currently integrates into your business operations and strategy.  Reserve your free 45-minute consultation right now

    Then in Technical Discovery, we gather information about your technical needs, challenges, and environment.

    After, our team will prepare a proposal to provide strategic IT services and support. 

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  • Onboarding

    In two to four weeks, we’ll document everything from administrative passwords to vendor support details, install tools and set up backups. We’ll train your liason and users.

    We’ll stabilize your current systems by identifying any technical gaps in your systems that can be addressed immediately and hand you off to support with your service levels, user onboarding and other processes clearly outlined.

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  • Support

    Our ongoing support services include unlimited help desk as well as monitoring, maintenance and onsite support.

    We offer five different ways to contact our service desk and you can monitor the progress of your issue and comment on its resolution. We don’t like problems to “drop off the radar” on our side. 

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  • Optimization

    Keep your business IT secure and flexible with regular reviews.

    We set you up for ongoing success with a quarterly business review that includes both status updates and deep dives. We set up a technology roadmap and budget and plan for change management like upgrades.

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