Emergency Repair

Same Day IT Emergency Support - Onsite & Offsite

Since 1997, E-N Computers has been providing emergency computer and network support. We respond the same day. We work over the Internet or onsite at your office. Our team is experienced in restoring critical IT services during an emergency call. In fact we've repaired services for hundreds of businesses. Our service area includes Washington DC, Richmond, and all of Virginia. Our certified engineers work to maintain the integrity of your data.


Once services are restored we will advise you on how to prevent future IT emergencies.

6 Things That Make Our IT Emergency Support Different:

  1. Immediate Offsite Service: We can start work right away via a temporary secure connection. This service is available while we dispatch an engineer to your office.
  2. Engineers with 10+ years experience respond to issues involving data loss.
  3. We know your software: We have experience with most accounting and business software applications. We maintain expertise in many industries specialty software. For example manufacturing ERP and medical records applications.
  4. Security of your data is critical. Often troubleshooting an issue involves changing security permissions. We understand you must maintain security as we restore services.
  5. Wipe out Viruses & Ransomware: Cybercrime has become a billion dollar business. Chances are we've responded to your infection before. We can help you restore your data, and we can tell you how to prevent reinfection.
  6. Break the Break-Fix Cycle: Although experienced with emergency IT computer repair ---
    no one likes emergencies. Our expertise will help you prevent the next break down. We offer regular maintenance, administration, and technology planning-- combined with reliable cloud services to keep your business up and running through the unexpected.

Do you have questions about your IT network? Call us. We have answers.