IT Staff Support

Is Outsourcing your IT Staff Right for Your Organization?

Business leaders rely on technical teams for IT support so they can focus on their day-to-day operations. Building a team with the right people and good process can be difficult and costly. These problems can be overcome by outsourcing. IT staff support is becoming more prevalent in businesses these days.

An organization must have access to a competent IT team that can manage five delivery areas, each with unique skills and processes:

  1. Help Desk: Provides day-to-day help desk support for users.
  2. Engineering: Resolves complex issues a help desk technician cannot. Performs disaster recovery procedures.
  3. Training: Trains fellow employees on different aspects of corporate technology.
  4. Projects: Leads the planning, creation and implementation of IT projects.
  5. Strategic Leadership: Improves the productivity of the organization. Solves business problems with technology.

From a business owner perspective you can either Outsource your entire infrastructure or try a Hybrid Approach:

  • ​​​​​Outsourcing: This allows your organization to contain costs while reaping all the benefits of an entire in-house technology department. Your IT systems will be proactively monitored and maintained around the clock by a managed service provider (MSP). Potential issues are detected and eliminated almost immediately to minimize downtime.
  • ​​​​​Hybrid Approach: Some of your employees will work with outsourced vendors to complete the 5 delivery area. That means some IT functions are kept in house and others are outsourced.

Whether you’re considering looking for IT staff support , give E-N Computers a call and we can find the approach that is right for you.