Protect people, property, and your business

The physical security of your assets and your clients is critical to business survival. This applies to all industries, whether you manage an airport, bank, retail store, public transit system, city infrastructure, healthcare institution, or a small to medium-sized business.

E-N Computers security cameras deter crime. If unauthorized personnel or criminals do find a way into private areas of your organization, our cutting-edge video surveillance systems will catch them in the act, so you know what they did, when they did it, and how.

We’re a certified partner of Avigilon

Delivering comprehensive video surveillance services


High-quality image capture

E-N Computers security cameras maximize image clarity and field of vision and minimize bandwidth consumption.


Day and night cameras

Avigilon cameras are optimized for any lighting environment and can function during the day, at night, inside, or outdoors.


Access control software

Recognizes people and movement, reduces data storage requirements, viewable via web interface or Smartphone app with user friendly software.


24/7 technical support

E-N Computers technicians determine the right security cameras for your venue, deploy them, and maintain them.

The Gift - Featuring the Avigilon™ H4 SL Camera Line

E-N Computers Security Cameras will help you:

  • Reduce theft - deter criminal activity with a well-managed security system
  • Stay compliant - adhere to stringent storage and security regulations like ISO and HIPAA
  • Increase productivity - enforce company policies and keep a watchful eye on your employees’ performance
  • Resolve issues - have video evidence at the ready if a suspect is apprehended or if a customer loses their belongings