Implementing a Secure Password Policy on a Windows Domain

After you’ve [decided on a secure password policy] that fits your company’s security needs, it’s time to actually implement your new secure password policy on your network.
On a Windows Active Directory domain, we’ll do this by editing the Default Domain Policy Group Policy Object (GPO). This will enforce the new secure password standards for all user accounts in your domain.

Protect Your Network by Building a Strong Password Policy

Passwords are like the keys to your company’s network. Your users use them to log in to computers, access email, and connect remotely via VPN. And just like the key to the front door of your offices, a password in the wrong hands can allow unwanted “visitors” into your network -- where they can steal confidential information, destroy data, and expose your company to liability.

Work together with Dropbox’s new tool, Paper

Despite a relatively no-frills platform, Dropbox has remained one of the most recognizable names in cloud storage. Apparently after nearly ten years in the market, it’s ready to move on to bigger and better things. Titled ‘Paper,’ the company’s newest service will take direct aim at Google Docs and Office 365 by offering real-time document […]

Twitter reveals new SMB dashboard app

The ocean has a strange way of making you feel so small; so does a Twitter account with virtually no followers. It does become quite hard for your small- to medium-sized business to establish a strong online presence when they are surrounded by singers and supermodels with their own collection of trending hashtags.

Best Options for CRM Software in 2016

As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” If oceans were to separate you from your loved ones, what would you do? Would you communicate as much as you used to? Would you still check in from time to time? Now, apply this sentiment to your business; what would happen if communication with […]