How To Train Your Users to Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing is big business. Each year, businesses lose millions of dollars to phishing scams and other “social engineering” attacks. So naturally, sysadmins are interested in helping their users to identify and avoid these threats if and when they hit their inboxes.

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How To Secure BYOD Mobile Devices

Companies have embraced BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device. Giving your users the ability to use the tools that they choose to stay connected on the go helps them to be productive and flexible on the go.

But BYOD brings with it a different set of security challenges that system administrators need to address.

How To Secure USB Drives and Removable Media

USB drives, thumb drives, flash drives, pen drives, memory sticks -- whatever you call them -- pose a unique security challenge for network admins. They’re small, easily portable, and work in any computer. While this makes them great for quickly and easily moving files from computer to computer, these same features make them a serious threat to network and data security.

Get to Know Us: Cody Fitzgerald, Passionate about Cybersecurity

Did you know that Microsoft Windows releases security patches and fixes once a month? Chances are, unless you’re an IT pro, you probably didn’t. If you’re a business owner, you don’t have time to watch for new updates, let alone implement them. Yet, you don’t want to expose your computer network to potential threats.

Data Breaches on the Rise

Flaws in payment systems created an opportunity for thieves to access customer data. Data that includes contact information email addresses, physical addresses and log in information like user names and passwords.

According to Business Insider Intelligence, data breaches are a threat to brands and customers.

How To Develop A Malware Response Action Plan

Malware outbreaks have been in the news lately. Entire companies crippled by serious malware infections. They have paid ransoms to hackers in order to get their data back and their systems online.

Of course, you need to have good antivirus, firewall, and spam filtering solutions in place in order to prevent infections in the first place.