Equifax compromised ….. again

On Wed of this past week, the Equifax website is compromised …. again.

In May, breaching Equifax's website, hackers made off with personal details including social security numbers, ages, addresses and more. This affects over 145.5 million US consumers.

Information Security – Are you protected?

Information Security describes the processes and methodologies used to protect print, electronic, or any other form of confidential, private and sensitive information or data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption.

Cyberattack at Monticello

In June, Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson was the victim of a cyberattack.  It was actually a ransomware attack that knocked out the home’s electronic systems.
According to a source inside the Foundation, the IT department just reorganized. Even a new department head with an impressive background in cybersecurity couldn’t prevent a devastating attack.


In the recent hacking scandal at big-three credit bureau Equifax, cyber criminals have stolen 143 million credit records.

Now they have access to so much personal and confidential information.  Information such as, full names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers and even some drivers licenses and credit card numbers.

Spear Phishing and the catch of the day is PowerPoint!

Spear Phishing is more specific than just plain “phishing”. It is an email that targets a specific individual or department.  It appears to come from a trusted address.
A whopping 91% of cyberattacks and the resulting data breach begin with a “spear phishing” email, according to research from security software firm Trend Micro.

Data Security and How it Drives Business

Major data breaches seem to hit the news everyday. The stakes for companies are high. Recent research by Cisco showed that 29% of breached organizations lost revenue. Breaches can impact companies of all types, from large corporations to small hospitals.