Our Process at ENC


  • Help Desk


    Submit a ticket. The help desk is your first point of contact, and we make it easy for you to contact us with issues or questions. You can submit a ticket through the service wizard, phone, email, or the E-N Computers icon in the service tray of a managed computer. We also offer an online portal to see all tickets or a subset of them. 

    Ticket triage. Our dispatcher reviews every ticket for accuracy and completeness. The ticket is assigned a priority level based on urgency and impact. Most tickets are worked in the order they are received. High priority tickets are assigned ahead of other work. This allows us to deliver you the best support possible at an affordable price. 

    Working with the technician. Once a technician is assigned, they will reach out to you by phone or email to gather more information and work on the ticket. Your direct replies to their emails are added to the ticket so information stays organized and visible to the team. If a Tier 1 technician can’t resolve your problem in about 30 minutes, the ticket may be escalated. 

    Quick response and resolution. You’ll receive a first response from us within 15 minutes that acknowledges your ticket. We resolve most tickets in just over 30 minutes. 

    No ticket forgotten. Automatic rules make sure that our dispatcher and service manager see open issues every 3 to 5 days so that any “stuck” tickets are escalated or re-prioritized.

    Learn more about our help desk response time 

  • Monitoring

    We monitor your network, servers, and workstations for performance and security using a variety of tools. When we detect a potential issue, a support ticket is automatically created for follow up by our team. These tickets go through the triage process and are promptly handled by our technicians.

    If an issue is recurring or serious, we will alert you and work with you to find a solution. 



  • Maintenance


    We automate most Windows desktop and server patching, drivers, firmware, and a long list of popular applications.

    We perform manual updates when automatic updates fail or other systems need maintenance. 

    Learn more about our patching process 

  • Onsite Support

    Dedicated onsite days are a key part of our support process. We split the day into two 4-hour parts: 

    1. Documentation updates and routine maintenance 
    2. Hands-on support and change management 

    Your assigned technician will plan the day in advance based on tickets you submit in advance. He will communicate with your liaison at the beginning of the day to go over his planned work, and at the end of the day to review what was completed. For best results, we ask that your liaison be available for the entire onsite day. 

    Change management items that can’t be completed in the allotted time will need to be planned as a project and billed separately. 


    Onsite Support

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