Our Process at ENC


Once your managed services contract is signed, we begin the onboarding process. In most cases, this stage can be completed in two to four weeks. If you have a key IT employee leaving, we may be able to expedite the process. 

  • Documentation


    A network scan identifies the workstations, servers, and other devices on your network. 

    We collect key information like admin passwords, vendor support details, critical business applications, data locations. This information is securely stored in our documentation system so that our technicians can access it. 

  • Tool Installation

    We install tools that enable us to provide the best service. Remote monitoring and management software keeps us informed on the status of your systems, manages OS updates, and allows us to connect remotely to user workstations to provide support. Antivirus software protects your computers against malware. We also install a backup appliance that performs nightly backups of your servers and data. 


    Tool Installation

  • Training


    We conduct training sessions so that your staff knows how to request support from us. We also work with your IT on how to manage our partnership and view active support tickets. 

  • Stabilization

    We identify critical gaps in your systems that need to be addressed immediately and make recommendations for changes and improvements. The goal is to bring your systems up to the standards set out in our Managed Services Terms under “Assumptions/Minimum Requirements”. 



  • Handoff to Support


    After these steps are done, our service team: 

    • reviews the documentation to make sure it is complete, and 
    • verifies that backups are happening and are usable. 

     Finally, we schedule a meeting where you: 

    • Meet your account manager and the service manager, 
    • finalize the date of your first onsite visit and discuss what will happen during it, and 
    • set a recurring meeting with your account manager. 

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