Our Process at ENC


  • Business Improvement Review


    The first step of discovery is our complimentary Business Improvement Review, a high-level discussion about how technology currently integrates into your business operations and strategy. 


    Work with a Certified Digital Advisor. When you work with a Certified Digital Advisor, you gain access to an expert with the knowledge and skills to transform your business processes and embed technology into the daily experience of your employees, partners, and customers. 

    Discover opportunities to integrate technology into your operations and strategy. Modern systems and processes give you a competitive advantage, which outdated ones are often a liability. Automation, the right software, and optimized processes make your team more effective, while convenient online tools and in-office tech attract and retain customers. 

    Adapt to a changing economic landscape. Cyber threats, regulatory requirements, environmental risks, and remote or hybrid work continue to impact businesses of all types. We’ll look at your security, compliance, business continuity, and remote work readiness, determine how prepared you are, and how you can adapt to remain competitive. 

    What to expect 

    This 45-minute meeting is between our Certified Digital Advisor and a key decision-maker that understands your business as a whole. Together, you will rate the IT maturity of your business in three key areas. 

    1. Business capability: Across core functions, are your processes efficient, reliable, and producing their desired outcomes? 
    2. Digital maturity: How well is technology integrated into your operations and strategy? 
    3. Technological capability: Does your current technical infrastructure meet your needs? 

    Learn more in our blog post, What is a Business Improvement Review? 

  • Technical Discovery

    Next, we gather information about your technical needs, challenges, and environment. This allows us to create a more accurate proposal for you.


    Tailored solutions: You will receive recommendations that best fit your situation. Your proposal will closely align with your goals and current situation.
    Cost savings: Many businesses spend more than they need to on technology like hardware and licenses. We will identify opportunities to save money without sacrificing functionality.
    Better security: Issues that impact the stability and security of your systems will be identified so that they can be promptly resolved.

    What to expect

    We will ask you for specifics about your goals, challenges, and the technology you currently use.

    • Your needs: What specific goals, pain points, or technology changes do you want to address?
    • Hardware: How many servers, desktops, and laptops do you have? What network equipment do you have? Do you own or lease them?
    • Software: What operating systems, business applications, and cloud services do you use? Do you have licenses for the software you’re using? If you have multi-user software (e.g. an accounting application like Sage), is the primary installation on a server?
    • Backup and recovery: What is your current backup solution and when was it last tested?
    • Phone and fax: Are you using digital lines directly from your telecom provider, an on-site PBX, or a cloud-based phone service? Are you using a fax machine or e-fax service?
    • Documentation: Do you have documentation for your IT systems? How complete is it? When was it last updated?

    Technical Discovery

  • Proposal


    Our team will prepare a proposal to provide strategic IT services and support. It will reflect your unique needs and challenges. We will schedule a call to review it with you and address any questions. In most cases, you will have 30 days to accept the proposal. 

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